chasing decimals

There are probably hundreds, if not thousands, of table saw crosscut sled designs out there – some simple and some more complex – and although a simpler one would probably be good enough for what I do (my last sled was pretty simple and it worked fine), I decided to over complicate my design [boy is that just like me].


outfeed/assembly table

Working out of a garage, that has to actually be a garage as well, can present a woodworker with certain challenges that someone with a dedicated workshop can not appreciate.

the bookcase #9

sliding in to home So this will be the last post as it relates to the bookcase build.  You will find that there are more photos than words – gonna try to keep it short now that it’s over.

the bookcase #8

rounding third I’ve started finishing up the top section of the bookcase but I still have to do the most favorite part of any woodworking project – the sanding and finishing :|.  I was being sarcastic, it really is not most woodworkers favorite, although some do fancy the finishing process – most don’t like the…

the bookcase #7

lookin’ like something It feels like this project has been dragging on.  Truth be told, I’ve had a couple other project going on at the same time this one is in work but haven’t been mentioned here (perhaps you will see more of them later on other post).

enter the bear

you’ve come a long way baby My dad was probably my biggest inspiration when it comes to getting me started in woodworking.  He’d probably consider himself more of a do-it-yourselfer than a woodworker.  Nevertheless, he has built lots of stuff using what many woodworkers would consider very primitive and, dare I say “cheap” power tools. …

the bookcase #6

fighting snipe – one board at a time For those who don’t know, snipe is a deeper than desired cut a wood planer sometimes makes at the leading and trailing end of a board as it passes through the planer.  I’ve watch several videos and read many blogs and articles regarding many attempts to address this…