the bookcase #8

rounding third I’ve started finishing up the top section of the bookcase but I still have to do the most favorite part of any woodworking project – the sanding and finishing :|.  I was being sarcastic, it really is not most woodworkers favorite, although some do fancy the finishing process – most don’t like the…

the bookcase #7

lookin’ like something It feels like this project has been dragging on.  Truth be told, I’ve had a couple other project going on at the same time this one is in work but haven’t been mentioned here (perhaps you will see more of them later on other post).

the bookcase #6

fighting snipe – one board at a time For those who don’t know, snipe is a deeper than desired cut a wood planer sometimes makes at the leading and trailing end of a board as it passes through the planer.  I’ve watch several videos and read many blogs and articles regarding many attempts to address this…

the bookcase #5

granny gear It’s been a slow couple of weeks in the workshop.  We had family in and since Spring has finally sprung I’ve had a few things to do around the house – get pool up and running, get vegetable garden planted, get sprinkler system going, the kids had a few things going on (I say…

the bookcase #3

 The customer is always right, right? I put a few panels of the lower cabinet together and clamped them together in order to get my customers approval regarding size and scale.  I wouldn’t normally do this but this particular customer is particularly particular about the particulars :).  (FYI: customer = wife 🙂 )