cutting and cheese boards

I recently made a fairly large cutting board for my wife. I used Tropical Walnut (which seems to have a more consistent grain pattern and color than American Walnut) and Maple.

The board turned out pretty nice – so much so that my wife was hesitant to actually cut on it.   I was able to convince her to start using it but I also put together a smaller one from just Maple, so she could use it and spare the heavy use on the “nicer” one.

While I was at it I made a few cheese boards from American Walnut, Zebrawood, and Bubinga.

The picture below is the smaller Maple cutting board. The cleaver is the same as the one picture in the above picture of the Walnut/Maple board – for reference.

Below are photos of the cheese boards.


check out my new branding iron… 🙂

All boards were finished with multiple coats of General Finishes Salad Bowl Finish.


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