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If you keep up with my post you’d know that I had a past incident where, when cutting  a piece of zebra wood on my table saw, the saw blade released tension in the wood and caused it to clamp down on my saw blade – quite an eye opener when it happened.  Luckily I was attentive enough to notice it while it was happening – but not this time….

I’d like to think I’m pretty conscious when I’m operating my woodworking tools.  I’m not trying to sound macho, but there is always a certain amount of danger involved.  I was watching a recent YouTube video in which a woodworker was rightfully ranting about how his insurance for his company kept going up.  He said that his insurance company said that woodworking is ranked the second most dangerous profession.  I find that hard to believe but this guys insurance was certainly trying to use that as justification for jacking up his rates every year.

I try to use all the safety features of my tools and not take any shortcuts – but then, there was this….

garage side

garage side

so this is how it all went down

While ripping some thin stock on the table saw – basically ripping stock that is 1″ tall and 3/4″ wide into 1/8″ x 1″ strips – pretty small stuff.  (Ripping thin stock is something you have to be quite on your toes when doing.)  I was on my last rip when, after running the stock through the blade I heard a faint thud.  The saw was running and I had my shop radio on just loud enough that I could almost make out what the song was over the hum of the saw (it was probably Tab Benoit).  When I raised my push block (which is a piece of 2×6 about 14″ long) I notice that the thin stock wasn’t there.  I thought that maybe if fell off the other end of the table or something.  Then the thud sound I had just heard sank in.  I turned around to see the missing stock sticking out of the wall.  [this is the stuff that happens to other people, right?]  Just about then my oldest daughter stuck her head out of the garage door and asked if I was ok.  I said “yes”.  She then pointed to the new addition in the garage wall.  To that I said, “Wow, glad I wasn’t standing in front of that!” She shook her head and then said “yeah, cause’ it went all the way through!”  On the other side of the wall (which is insulated) stuck the rest of the stock.  Apparently it hit the door that was opened against the wall and stopped, otherwise it might have kept on going – so through sheet rock, insulation, another layer of sheet rock, then stopped by a door.

house side

house side

 a quick count of my blessings

  1. I wasn’t standing behind the saw when the projectile took off (I’m pretty sure I might have been impaled by this thing – would have made for a pretty cool story though – at least while the pain meds were kicked in.)
  2. No one was in the other room when it went through the wall (that is the utility room and my wife was washing clothes at the time)
  3. I have a family concerned enough to come running when they heard something not so common coming from the garage (I wonder what they think might be a “common noise”?)
  4. My loving wife didn’t go all “crazy Cajun lady” on me… 🙂 – I might not have survived that.
  5. Sheet rock repair is something I’m somewhat familiar with, but not particularly good at and would rather not do at all.

Click [HERE] to follow along with my other wood working adventures (hopefully not many more mis-adventures).


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