the bookcase #9

sliding in to home

So this will be the last post as it relates to the bookcase build.  You will find that there are more photos than words – gonna try to keep it short now that it’s over.

bookcase - finished

bookcase – finished

icing on the cake

I finished off the top of the bookcase like I did the entertainment center.  It kind of looks simple, but I’m a big fan of simplicity in furniture.


the top moldings

the top moldings


the top moldings (photo is the bookcase laid on its back)


now for some real fun

No, not really.  I spend lots of time sanding and staining, then some more sanding and more staining.  Instead of using sandpaper between coats I actually followed the manufacturers instructions and used #0000 steel wool.  It make a mess and wore me out, but it really made the wood smooth between coats.



more sanding

more sanding

I’m pretty sure I just screwed the top to the bottom on the entertainment center, but for some reason I fussed over how to make this connection on the bookcase.  I was almost ready to purchase some z-clips (metal clips used to attach solid wood tops (of like tables and such) when I realized that my top was plywood and I really wouldn’t have to worry about wood movement – so I just came up with this simple method made of scrap wood and screwed it together – should be fine.


mounting alternative


So I went back with the Minwax PolyShades stain & polyurethane in one product again.  I used the satin classic black.  I really like black but I do have to admit it tends to hide the detail in furniture when you photograph it.  This particular product goes on pretty easily and it does allow the wood grain to show through, which is what I wanted, but it is definitely black.  [oh, and it seems nobody carries it any more – figures!  Managed to find a can at Ace Hardware – but it looked like it was 20 years old.)

all in all

I think it turned out pretty good.  Of course there are things I’d do differently if I had to do it again and things I probably will never do again – but isn’t that what life is about – learning from you mistakes.


The next project(s) will include some shop furniture.  I’m in desperate need of a real outfeed/assembly table.  Currently I’m using saw horses and a sheet of plywood (which is usually part of the project I’m building – so when I use it, the table is gone).  I also need a new miter sled for the table saw and a few other pieces.  Since I work out of my garage, everything has to be mobile and able to be pushed up against the walls (in case we need to put the cars in the garage for inclimate weather).  I’ll keep you posted – after that – a bedroom set for my daughter (nightstand(s), dresser, queen bed).

thanks for following along


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