the bookcase #7

lookin’ like something

It feels like this project has been dragging on.  Truth be told, I’ve had a couple other project going on at the same time this one is in work but haven’t been mentioned here (perhaps you will see more of them later on other post).

Nonetheless, I’ve started putting together pieces for the top section of the bookcase.  We decided to do something a little different for the back panel of the upper section.  Since it is likely that a good part of the back will be visible, and since the bookcase will be stained black, we decided to add some character to the back panel by using tongue and groove panels and staining them a different, lighter color.

some pre-finishing

Because of the different stain colors we prefinished the tongue and groove back panels and the edge profile on the rails and stiles.  I also prefinished the panels on the sides before the rail and stile glue-up.  I haven’t had much wood movement on the previously built matching entertainment center but the prefinishing of the panels will ease my tensions concerning the “what if” scenario.

the back and side panel glue up - note the pre-stained tongue and groove panels

the back and side panel glue up – note the pre-stained tongue and groove panels

some instruction required

I’m pretty good about designing my projects in detail before I start cutting wood – but I’m beginning to wonder if I should also start writing myself step-by-step instructions. Occasionally I realize (in one of those Homer Simpson “d’oh” moments) that I have gotten ahead of myself.  After securing the side panels to the back panels, I realized I hadn’t drilled the holes for the shelf pins.  It is still possible to do it now – just would have been easier before it was all connected.

and yet another “d’oh” moment

Well it turns out my shelf pin jig wouldn’t work – the holes were too far out – so I had to improvise.  I know a lot of woodworkers that spend as much time building shop projects (jigs, tables, cabinets, carts, etc. as they do building actual projects (and who am I to hold that against them – I do my share for sure – and have a ton planned).  And of course the nice braid point drill bit set I bought on sale recently didn’t have a 3/8″ bit so off to the home center I went – again.  In the end I used the pin jig I had as a template for one with holes closer to the edge, and made of 1/4″ ply.  It did the job – in a pinch.

shelf pin jig - holes too far out

shelf pin jig – holes too far out

shop made shelf pin jig

shop made shelf pin jig


2 thoughts on “the bookcase #7

  1. Regarding the getting ahead of yourself – that is one reason I waited so long on my project before I started glue-up. I was afraid I would think of something later that still needed to be done. And I have thought of something. It happens. 🙂

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