the bookcase #1

the entertainment center

the entertainment center previously built

I finally got around to building the entertainment center last year.

It took quite a bit longer than I would have liked to get started.  (Frankly because there was a little procrastination on my part but also because I was angling for a new TV.) Once the TV purchase was approved the design was finalized (and approved) construction began.

It was built of solid oak, weighs a ton and consisted of 4 components.  I kind of have a facinatuon with the color black but have found few stains that allowed the wood grain to show through.  I like the way it turned out but now realize that the dark stain hides more of the workmanship than I prefer.

It’s time now for its complimenting bookcase. 

the bookcase drawing

the bookcase drawing

The bookcase will carry over a similar design style with the exception of an enclosed lower unit and a smaller footprint.  Construction techniques, material, and stain will be similar to the entertainment center.

Let’s get started…


6 thoughts on “the bookcase #1

  1. Great lines, mass, and scale with the right amount of detail and dimensionality… I take my hat off to you. Beautiful design and excellent craftsmanship.


    • Thank you. It seems that I have built this design a couple times. I’m a basic, simple kind of guy – I like the craftsman/shaker style of construction (architectural and furniture wise) but I’m thinking I need to branch out a little more. I have an upcoming project (a complete bedroom set build) that I think I might branch out a little. But thank you just the same.


      • My company designs and builds very up-scale homes and architectural interiors from Massachusetts to Florida, with the lion share being on Long Island

        To date we have designed and built for over 2,000 clients with many of them being full home projects. My woodworking facility is on Long Island and my crew is made of up very talented and capably craftsman/artisans. All the projects are designed by me and come off my computer with AutoCAD and/or Sketchup. When I peruse the web and find a great design and stop to take notice, I then must pay a compliment… consider yourself lucky, seldom do I do this. HDR

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